10 Best Negative Space Logo Designs

Before I share any logo designs of negative space, I would like to introduce about the term “negative space in logo design”. To understand this better, it is simply a space which is surrounded by an object in any image. This space has the same importance or the significance as an object has. This brings balance in your design and positive space boundaries are well defined through negative spacing.

Logo design world is endless. Every day we see innovations in logo design by the designers. The idea behind using a negative space is to capture the attention of the customer. He will consider these logos for twice to think about the meaning of it.

According to the experts of logo design, they consider a logo good when it’s passing the right meaning to its audience at once. Apart from that good logo also means to build relation between you and the client. It should be memorable too.

When you are using negative space logo, you are capable of killing two birds with one stone! Now a day’s artists who are using the technique of negative spacing, they have hidden meaning behind them it makes not only a logo attractive but at a same time it explains about the company business.

Take a look on following clever logos which are designed by using technique of negative space.

1) Flight Finder

You can clearly see the plane image between two “F’s”.

 2) Peter and the Wolf

Phoebe Morris created this negative space poster. He designed that for a film. You can see the face of Peter between the space of wolf tail.

3) Pencil

In this logo focus on last two letters so you can see image of pencil.

 4) Royal Clothes

Another  creative logo where two shirts are shaking hands.

5) Bat Bar

This logo so impressive for me because artist really done a good job. You can notice a bottle is created between two feathers of bat bird.

 6) Martini House


This logo is simple but attractive. You can notice a small house image in it.

 7) NBC


 After so many changes done in NBC logo. Finally in 1986 , that logo is finalized and peacock image is present in it.

  8) Wooden House


One of the coolest image color scheme used by the designer. He used negative space too well. A shape of house is created in the logo.

 9) Safari Into Africa


The best logo used negative space to show the importance of Africa Safari. In an elephant image you can see the map of Africa.

 10) Wine Searcher

This logo explains two meanings. One is that you can see the glasses are formed from two bottles. So spectacles and bottles both in one logo.

I hope you must find this article lively as these logos are. You can bookmark this for further help.

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Negative logos makes the company identity obvious at once glance. Mostly designers use the negative space logo technique to convey more efficiently their meaning and making it memorable and distinctive too.