10 Logo Design Fails to learn from

Logo Design is an important facet of a brand identity. But even big brands have faltered when it comes to their logos. Here are 10 such logos that had unintended consequences.

1. London Olympics 2012

London Olympics 2012

Why it doesn’t work: Talk about a mess of epic proportions. We really don’t know what the logo is trying to represent about the Olympics. And as far as showpiece global sports events goes, the 2012 logo invited publicity for all the wrong reasons.

2. Sherwin Williams

Why it doesn’t work: That one time when Coke wanted to sing in unison but ended up sending out a blood-soaked message instead. I mean nothing about this logo screams ‘hey lets join hands and sing’ now does it?

3. Dodge


Why it doesn’t work: The American maker of muscle cars, the Dodge logo is synonymous with alpha male vibes. The Dodge logo depicts a Viper, ready to take its prey head on. But turn that logo upside down and wait is that Daffy Duck from the Looney Tunes? Yeah that didn’t take much now did it?

4. Pepsi


Why it doesn’t work: Well that sure does look like a hot air non-balloon doesn’t it? And once those doodles are added. Well lets just say you aren’t going to be looking at the Pepsi logo the same way again.

5. TGV


Why it doesn’t work: At its proper placement, the logo for France’s high-speed rail service seems ok. But flip the design and you’ve got a snail? For a brand that prides itself on its high-speed transportation prowess? No thank you. TGV or Train  Grande Vitesse in French, needs a logo redesign pronto.

6. GAP


Why it doesn’t work: Here is a redesign gone wrong. The old GAP logo had recognisability and familiarity going with it, and then the new redesign just up and went roughshod on what the brand represents for people. Old is gold sometimes folks.

7. Kraft


Why it doesn’t work: You know something is amiss when a company that’s a pioneer in its field, just up and changes everything. Design-wise the logo seems like an aesthetic hit. The problem is that the new logo all but destroys the carefully-cultivated Kraft brand identity it has held for decades.

8. MasterCard


Why it doesn’t work: The old logo for MasterCard was simplicity at its best. Now, in a globalized world, MasterCard wants to be considered as the go-to brand for financial transactions in emerging markets. At least that is what the advertising agency behind its new logo was going for. What we get is a logo design that elicits a ‘huh?’ reaction from most observers.

9. Seattle’s Best


Why it doesn’t work: A web 2.0 styled logo for a coffee brand? What are we trying to be? Next we’ll have some cereal boxes going all minimalist with web 2.0 visual styling. Newsflash people : What works for a tech brand, doesn’t work that well for a beverage brand.

10. AoL


Why it doesn’t work: Helvetica is so done and dusted, yet for the folks behind AOL’s rebranding into AoL, this seems like an “inspired” choice. Lazy is what it is, with some squiggles rounding up the logo redesign for what it is a mess that occurs when you’re overdoing your logo design.