4 Mistakes You Should Not Make While Working With Images

Many creative professionals are already well accustomed while working with images in many different sizes, resolutions and extensions.

But have you ever stopped to think about the mistakes some unsuspecting professionals might make? Or, have you ever committed one of the errors below?

Check 4 errors that should be avoided while working with images:

1.Forget the Proportion

Have you ever been tempted to give that stretch in the image to fit better within the layout? Well … do not do that.

Each image has its proportion. When changing your size, be sure to hold Shift (for example, in the case of Photoshop) and maintain the original proportions, regardless of the final image size.

Seeing a stretched image (or worse, a logo) becomes painful. So be an exemplary human being and do not do it.

Original Image:
Please do not do that:

2. Crop Image Incorrectly

Many times it will not be possible to take advantage of the whole area of the image and you will have to cut it, such as, perhaps to insert it inside a banner.
Be very careful how you do it. Avoid cutting randomly and try to make the cut not harm the message you want to convey with the image.
That way, the image will fit into the new ratio (without the need to stretch it) and you will not lose its context.

Original Image


Avoid cutting incorrectly:


Did you get the error? In this court, it is not possible to understand correctly what the woman is doing. The cut did not take into consideration the notebook and his hands on it. The image is confusing.

3. Put Funny Names

This is for the people of internet. When uploading an image to a website or blog, be very careful about the file name. The question is arising in your mind Why? Because…

Imagine that the customer you find annoying and implicating wants to put their own photo in the “About Us” section of the company’s website.You, an evil and vindictive being, upload the photo with the name goodluck.jpg.

The photo will be on the site and no one will see the file name. But someday someone (maybe even the old grumpy) will decide to lower the image, revealing his little joke. Better not take the risk.

Save this image to your computer and see the error in practice:


4. Exaggerate in Photoshop

Some images need a retouching or other in Photoshop before they go into production.

There are no issues with this for anyone who knows how to use the program in the right way. But when is not imaging your forte?

The result can be an extremely image photoshopped, which surely serve as an example of how not to use Photoshop. So be very careful!

Original Image:


Image disastrously handled in Photoshop:


In that case the designer tried to change the color of the eye, apply a filter on the skin, whiten the teeth and increase the contrast of the image.

There are correct techniques for doing these types of treatments, but in this case the result was a very artificial image with well-blown colors.

Therefore, be very careful while working with images on physical or virtual projects. Remember that a misplaced image can hurt your client and your reputation as a designer.

And you, have you ever made different types of mistakes with images? Share with us below!