6 Moods Every Designer Can Relate To

We as human beings experience a number of emotions and moods on a daily basis. Some of us experience them more than others, and some of us less than others. Today, we will talk about the people in the creative industry and what they experience. Clients get to see the result, be it a logo or a web page, but we as designers go through a roller coaster of emotions. The process of design quite long and tedious and not to fail to mention, tiring! Imagine going on with this process on daily basis. This can often take a toll on us and we end up experiencing so many moods. Below we will discuss the 6 moods every designer can relate to!

  1. Sleep Deprivation: This one is a first! Almost all the designers around the globe can pretty much relate to it. Oh the drowsiness we face when we have to catch up with our work. Moreover, designers face very competitive work and are almost occupied with something. We have deadlines to meet, which can often mean a big lack of sleep. Our advice: hang in there!
  2. The Coffee Effect: Lack of sleep does not come easy. We often replace our best friend or even significant other with our coffee. Deadlines mean a lot of work to be done at time, and that means sleepless nights which is when we rely on our coffee. The slight change in the mood after the coffee kicks in, and then the immunity to it such that a cup stops affecting us, is our story!
  3. Excitement for a Project: You know that feeling when you get an amazing project with enough time and a content which requires you to showcase your best skills? What else would you want? It feels so happy to be a designer at that moment and reminds you of how much you love that job of yours!
  4. Nosy Clients: Who cannot relate to having nosy clients who can just never be satisfied? These are the sort we all run away from as fast and as far as we can. No one likes a client who keeps getting on their nerves and asks them continuously to make changes. They really drain the excitement and the joy we have for our work.
  5. When Deadlines are at the Corner: That sudden rush of adrenaline we feel due to the coffee we have been having and due to the deadline being just a day ahead of our time! At that time all that matters is to give the best to the design and be able to finish it at time!
  6. When You are Done being a Designer: What is worse than a person stealing your design? Boils our blood to see that. This, with the never ending deadlines to meet and the sleep deprivation really wants to make us quite being a designer. But hey, go up and read point number 3 to see what happens next.