A Basic Guide About Designing A Brand New Logo

Designing a logo is the most crucial part for a beginner. A professional designer believes that logo design  is more important then what we can imagine. This logo designing process is not at all easy and simple. It requires a lot of research and efforts from a designer. Once you have given the quality time to your design only then you will be able to get succeed in your target.

It is just a tiny little graphic design but has a powerful meaning in it. Logo identity develops a relation between a client and a customer.  Logo design leaves an impact in human mind due to its uniqueness or versatility.

In this post I have divided the process of designing a logo in seven simple steps. So, it will be easy for both beginners and advanced designers to pen down the points.

– Develop communication or story telling:

The basic purpose for all companies is to make money from their products. Logo designs are the graphical representation of what you are selling. It is the first thing that we share with our customers. It is really important to understand that what exactly the requirement of your client is. Try to think about some story or catchy point about the product. You have to think “why” factor here.

 – Sketching down the ideas:

You have passed the first step of designing logo. It’s a time to sketch your visual concepts in to words. Making a story in words and it can be some type of puzzle. Few words describing your idea and pen down all. In end they all will help you to make a good logo.

Try to be original as your customers will see this step at first place. Make sure that the shape of your symbol should be clear and you can draw the sketch in 7-8 seconds. If this is the case then you are in good position of designing a logo.

Next thing to remember is the color of your logo. In my opinion using three colors in one is ideal, no need to use more than three colors in one logo just to attract the crowd. Black and white colors are not counted as colors in logo designing process.

– Pick up your best sketches:

Once you are done with the sketches drawing on papers of all your ideas. It’s a time to select some of the top two or three sketches. Take advice from your best friends or colleagues who are in designing field. Take their feedbacks on your sketches and no need to take something personal. Be professional and finalize your logo sketch.

– Digital format of your logo: 

After finalizing the sketch, the next step is to make the digital format of logo. This is the technical step. You have to keep in mind that the lay out must be perfect in horizontal or vertical variation. Shapes, symbols, spaces, text and fonts all should be accurate and lined up perfectly.

– Colors should be adaptable:

The logo design which you are working on must have versatile colors. The reason behind is that sometime it is required to use logo on black background and sometime on color schemes.

You should make logo with different color backgrounds to avoid any hassle in last moment. Sometime it is required to change the entire color of your logo design  . For that purpose you should make 2 3 options of color variations.

– Best Font selection:

Choosing a best font for your logo is the vital part. You will not believe this but it’s true that fonts say a lot about the product. Try to use simple fonts. No need to make your logo complicated by using some generic fonts.

– Make sure size of logo is expandable:

The last step is to work on the scalability of the logo. The logo which you have created is to travel on all mediums from print to digital. You need to create a logo which can be expandable large to make billboards and smaller size to print on some pen.

So that’s all about designing a brand new logo process in easy steps.