Logo design and it’s importance for a company

Companies and businesses know that one of the most important things for their image is a good logo. There a many different logos that are seen in the world that everyone knows due to being memorable, relevant, and graphic. There needs to be something that people will connect with and they can instantly know just what company that logo goes to. There are important things to remember when you are going to create your company logo. Following these will help to make you stand out, be remembered, and more importantly, make an impact on the world around you. Google is one company that has recently made a change. How will this actually affect them in the future?

When creating a logo design, you want to remember to stay simple. There is no need to get super fancy and intricate, this will only cause people to overlook the company and forget it. You also want to keep the logo timeless. Do not change it frequently, but if and when you do, keep it similar to what you came from. This has been seen in Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc. These companies keep their logos simple and clean, but people know them immediately when they see them.

Google recently made a huge change in their logo. Back in 1998 when Google was first started, they knew they needed a good logo. Their original logo was designed after the font most commonly used on the computer, though the ‘e’ at the end was always tilted slightly. Now, the new logo was created with more technology and mobile devices in mind. It boasts a sleeker and bolder design that in the end is much the same as the original. The color sequence is the same, and the size of the G at the beginning is still the same in ratio to the other letters. Not to mention, that slanted ‘e’ at the end is still present.

Seeing that Google has changed its logo and gone more modern has divided many fans. Some people like it, some people do not, but the fact of the matter is, they all can still recognize it for what it is. The logo can change slightly or drastically and in the end, as long as the company is well known, has a great repertoire with its customers, and has kept some fundamental points the same (being simple, timeless, and memorable), people will always go back to what they know.