Logo Designer vs Logo Maker

There is a very fine line between a logo designer and a logo maker just about as fine as there would be between a working school teacher and an online proofreader. Although, the designer and logo maker are both dependent on computer, software and other applications to get about their respective designs done, there is stark difference between them. So, much so that a very distinct quality difference can be viewed by anyone if they are asked to choose between the two different logos! There are many good logo makers, but a few committed designers.

An online logo creator might give your brand an image but only a designer can give it an identity. Since, a designer puts genuine energy and creativity into it, it obviously costs much more. Moreover, many new online creators such as Designimo and Logo Garden deliver FREE logos within seconds. The fascinating fact is that these online creators are getting more complex hence delivering just as good logo fonts as any designer would.

Following are some of the reasons why logo makers have an edge over logo designers:

  • Its free, it’s limitless! Yes, you can get countless free designs and samples. Any designer would charge you extra for even the little changes.
  • It’s quick. Logo makers deliver you the logos within seconds; you don’t have to wait for your designer’s deadlines and other lame excuses. In case you need more than one sample of the same brand, its best you choose a logo maker since it will be much faster and cheaper.
  • There is no time limit. Logo makers are available 24/7, anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to dig wells to find them or go through countless resumes and references to get your hands on a reliable designer.
  • It’s cost effective. One of the biggest features and highlights of a logo maker is that it’s extremely cost effective, you don’t have too much or anything at all. Designers on the other hand will charge you according to their skills and experiences. And the worst part is you will still have to pay even if you didn’t like the final product.

So, if you want to pick a better option, it will depend on what exactly are you looking for in your logo. However, it narrows down to logo makers for cheaper and faster options while logo designs are better for more customized and unique purposes.