Personalize Your Wedding with a Wedding Monogram

Wedding is an important life event for an individual and creating a monogram for your very special day will add sparkle to it. Wedding monograms are mostly used on invitation and announcement cards as well as can be made a part of your wedding decorations. These monograms mostly include the names or initials of the bride and groom name with first letter of the grooms surname in the center. This arrangement may differ according to preferences of the bride and groom.

The Trend:

wedding monogram

Wedding monograms are the trademarks or logos that are fully personalized and can be printed, embossed and used in any arrangement or decoration for the wedding. Most of the times the bride and groom’s initials are merged in a creative way along with a theme of colors in harmony with the overall theme of the ceremony to match with the venue and arrangement.

The trends of previous eras are making a comeback with a splash! People are getting interested in religious and spiritual aspects. Wedding monograms and logos are highly popular these days and regained their lost popularity. As couples these days find it ideal and attractive to welcome their guests in this way.

The Arrangement:

wedding monogram

The wedding monograms have a set of etiquette for the arrangement of bride and groom’s initials. The monogram mostly starts from the left with the initial of bride’s first name and on the right side the initial of the groom’s first name is entered. In the center of both the Initial of the groom’s surname (that will be the bride’s surname too after the wedding) would be placed in a larger font than both initials on its sides. The common surname initial indicates the union of the bride and groom into a couple. If the wedding monogram includes the date of wedding it may make it a special memory for all the people and especially the couple.

Sometimes the wedding monograms may be based on the full names of bride and groom or the first name initials and full surname mentioned. There are various arrangements that are made according to customization by the bridal couple’s choice.

Your Monogram all around:

Now that you have an idea what your monogram may look like you can use it in several ways. You can also create your wedding monogram using Designimo’s Logo maker and personalize your wedding invitation cards, gifts, thank you cards and even bed linens so you can add an extra touch of magic to your special day.

These are the final tips from my side that whatever you choose to do make your wedding monogram a memorable and decent one. It should complement your overall marriage theme and you can also add some clip arts or symbols to make it even more beautiful but just make sure it looks perfect. Happy Wedding!!!