Pros & Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

Outsourcing always seems to be a better option to get the things done quickly specially in IT industry. Small and medium firms don’t want to hire resources for simple jobs and they prefer to hire a freelancer. For example, to design a website or logo, they prefer to hire freelancer for several reason and the main and important reason is they want to save some money.

We’ve listed some pros & cons of hiring a freelancer.


1. Less Cost

This is the very first reason companies hire freelancers. If you are a small or medium business then obviously you would like to save  money and find the possibilities where you can spend less and get the same work done in less cost. Mostly companies from US and Europe hire freelancers mostly in Asia region because of currency value differences and hence they’ve to pay less for the same work. Also, if they hire people for the same job, then they’ll have to abide all labor laws (specific to the country) and pay monthly salary to the employ while hiring a freelancer, you don’t have to worry about anything.

2. Can work more

Freelancers don’t follow eight working hours per day rule. If you want them to work more and obviously you pay them for that extra work, they’ll happily work for you more.

3. Can do things quickly

Freelancers have good experience in what they do as they work with different companies at the same time. So, sometimes you get your complex problems solved quickly and as they posses good experience, they do things quickly to make their clients happy 🙂


1. Risky

Risky? Yes. It’s always a risk to hire a freelancer because you never know how good he is in the work you want him to do. If you hire the same person who have worked for you before, then it’s fine but hiring a person whom you don’t know is very risky and you end up paying good amount and wasting your time.

2. No Accountability

Freelancers don’t work in your office and they don’t sit with you so you never know whether they are putting the efforts for the work you ask them to do.

3. Communication Gap / Less control

Practically, you don’t have or very less control over the freelancer. The reason being is, mostly they work in different time zones, they live for away from you and there is no tight legal bounding.

4. Poor Quality

Yes, sometimes you get very poor quality of work from freelancers because they don’t really care about the quality and as their motto is to earn more, so they don’t focus on the quality and quantity is their priority.

5. Copyright Issues

It’s true. This issue arises if you hire freelancer for some graphic design work including logo design, website design or anything related. They may end up using copyrighted images, fonts or text and you’ll never know about it.

It’s doesn’t mean that companies should not hire freelancers because of above mentioned issues. They should keep all the above mentioned pros and cons and hire good freelancers so that they benefit from them.