Role of colors in Logo Design

Any logo or icon of a business incorporates many elements like meaningful texts, styling, colors scheming and blending for the impression of the logo design. There are some roles of colors psychology to keep in mind while designing the graphic mark of any enterprise. Colors always play crucial role in human’s life. The artful usage of appropriate colors impresses the visual of the logo personality in a momentous way definitely.

Different colors exhibit miscellaneous influence on the subconscious of humans. That’s the reason in case of logo designing that artfulness of colors conducts information regarding the product and the manifestation of the objective and aim of a certain enterprise or of an individual in the market.

Logo Design Color Wheel

The neural machine behind the scheming of colors manipulation is very strengthening. Any company’s branding strategy is directly proportional to the color­ and evaluation for the designing of their identity mark i.e. logo. Evaluating the colors means to analyze the impressions and perceptions that people may acquire after viewing the logo. As people grasp colors at a very first glance on the logo, they make instant opinions about any product in their subconscious, which in return leads to the success of any product.

We may judge the instances of prevailing and famous restaurants like Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC, Dunkin Donuts practice the colors red, orange, yellow, and pink in their logos in order to provoke hunger.

Google has settled their logo with the primary colors. They put a secondary color on the L, which symbolizes the idea that Google doesn’t follow the rules. The other colors like black, white, gold, and silver are frequently practiced like Chanel, Prada, Michael Kors etc.