The Link between Designing and Branding

Designing is not always about creating the best design but sometimes or you can say often it is about creating something that fits with the company’s theme , the way it conveys the organization’s mission to its audience and in short is a perfect fit for the branding of the company. So, to know how to do this what we must be aware of is that what actually is branding?



Branding is the perceived emotional image of the company and in simple words we can say it is the way of finding how to make your company unique among all and most importantly make it find a place in the customer’s mind. So, here we know that most of the branding does not depend on the company or designer it mainly depends on the Audience, what your audience wants and how do they want it. Thus let’s see why it is so necessary to focus on branding.
A good business always strives to create a brand and not only a product or service because a simple business may be forgotten by people once the market is crowded but a brand always has its image in the customer’s mind.
The eventual goal of any company is to win a place in the hearts and mind of the customers and once this is done we achieve brand recognition. This means that now your customers are well aware of your company well enough. Now here is where the job of a designer starts, for instance whenever you see a tick mark you automatically register that it is Nike we are talking about. So if working with such brands, you have to make sure you’re designing the right thing which will suit the brand perfectly. For example if you are working on a Boutique which sells eastern wear you will not create something that shows western culture.

How designers contribute to Branding:

Designers are an important part of branding. They can contribute by creating stuff that is consistent with the company’s theme and perception of its audience. Thus to create a unique brand a designer has to look into certain things like he should choose color scheme or logos that can stand out in the crowd and can grab the customer’s attention easily. The branding of a company helps designer to understand what the company wants, what are the needs of its customers, what does it sell etc. Designers can contribute by designing and presenting the company in a unique way. Thus, every little detail counts and designing has essential role in branding and both are interlinked and dependent on each other. Designers can also contribute through creating work that is consistent with the views of clients company. Keep in mind that good design equals good quality. Logos and color schemes really matters in designing and helps create a good foundation of branding. Branding comes from a company like what do they stand for, what they are selling etc. according to that a designer designs a logo for that brand. Designer should design in a way in which a company is presented.

Designers work on things like Logo, colors, tagline, business cards, web designs and advertising which are the main things that tell your customers about your brand.

The Logo Design:

logo-designLogo is the first impression of your company on the customer so in order to be properly branded a company’s logo must be designed in a way that makes it stand out and shows why to choose this brand over others.

Advertising and Print:


For a business to be known the advertising and promotion through multiple channels is very important. Designers must consider every little detail while designing ads, prints and pamphlets, outdoor signage etc. These things play a major role in the grabbing of new and existing markets and branding of business obviously.
Graphic Design:
Graphic Design includes all different mediums from print to packaging and little details that become an important part of your product or service. Graphic design is not an easy task in itself as even a change in design or shift in color changes the perception of the company in the mind of customers.

microsoft-logoThus being a designer has its own perks and even tiny details
are to be kept in mind while designing stuff for companies as keeping your brand stored in the minds of customers is quite a task. Branding has its effect of designers as it provides a pathway to them for what and how to design things and helps them to understand the needs of their clients while same is the case other way round. So in short both are totally interlinked to each other. Wrapping up on this note, DESIGN YOUR BRANDS SO YOU CAN BRAND YOUR DESIGNS.