5 Tips To Design A Business Card

Business is all about creating networks and maintaining contacts though is of any type freelance or any big design agency. So in order to be linked and associated the best way is to provide people with your business cards which are a great way to establish connections and showcase your business. Thus, it can be said that business cards embed an impression of your company in the mind of that person and provides a punch to win new potential projects and become a part of a network.

1 – Simplicity is elegance:

business card design


Using the tiny rectangle card to fill all the types of photos, colors, Word Art and making it a canvas of a painter (not a business card though) is a nightmare indeed. So to be honest it is the best choice to keep it simple, smart and elegant. Keeping it simple does not in any way means that it is boring but it provides all the required things to be prominent and clear as well as professional. Most of the businesses keep it simple with black and white templates and the use of a typeface mostly sans serif set in uppercase and box it up and all professional in their cards.

2 – Lay it out in the grids and all organized:

business card design

The very initial step to take when you have decided to design your business card in any software you feel right (Adobe InDesign, Quark and Adobe Photoshop) and when you are done creating your business card document is to lay a grid out on it both sides front and back. If your design is created in a grid it will appear more organized and structured. Mix up smaller square sections with longer rectangles, this will create a professional look and also attract the eye. Another benefit is that it provides spaces to put in detailed info as well as squares can be used to place social media or phone icons too.

3 – Be Creative, use photos properly:

business card design

Most of the time we do not observe photos on business cards and it may be thought that photos make it unprofessional but that’s not always the case. If you are a part of a visually creative field, it’s the best chance to showcase your finest work through your business card. Thus using pictures properly and in a creative way can make the card more impactful. You can put up pictures in geometric frames and in specific arrangement or another idea can be to use a low contrasting image as a background may make your card more attractive.

4 – Monochrome + Bright = that is all Right:

business card design

As discussed above you can keep your business card simple by just using black and white but if you want to use some colors and are not sure how well, that’s not so hard. You can keep the theme of your card in monochrome ( black and white) and add the basic colors like Red, Green, Yellow and Blue in banners, logos or flat icon designs ( like email, phone, address etc.) The highlights and contrasts must be carefully chosen to keep it professional.

5 – Logo is Important:

business card design

Logos are the face of your brand and its presence on your business card is essential to represent your business (no matter how big or small) to others. Logo design must be simple and easily memorable to make your space in the minds of the people who have your business card. A logo must be easily readable and it represents your name in a better and creative way.

Thus all in all the importance of a business card in this digital age cannot be ignored. Though in presence of networks like LinkedIn a business card still is the most impact mean of business networking, why? Because sharing a physical card with someone is more effective than sending an email or social media request and lasts in the memory for a longer time period.