Website Designing vs. SEO vs. Social Media

Focusing only on the graphical designing of website makes your website more beautiful, u may have an attracting and beautiful website that is hard to be found. On the other hand, if u focuses only on Search engine Optimization of your website may be friendlier to the web robots at Google but what about the visitors? Your conversion rate will be down. And you may not get the return on investment you are waiting for if you focus only on Social Media! So nothing goes alone all u need is a connection between them.

Web Design, SEO, Social Media these 3 of them are the main components of a successful internet marketing strategy. You want visitors to find you, you need an outstanding SEO for that. And if you want them to contact you purchase from you then you need an attracting web design and if you want a lot of recognition or implement a marketing campaign then Social media is here for you it will be an excellent tool.

There is a lot of buzz on social media but it may or may not be good for your business. That’s why we always review business goals first.

Impact of Social Media on Web Design

social-media-2Nowadays social media is everywhere and seems to be affecting everything from marketers advertise and products selling and many more. Internet has been totally impacted by social media platforms today. For a successful business we need to come up with social media strategy. People don’t pay much attention on how social media has impacted the web design but today almost every business has a presence on social media, almost every website use the icons of social networking sites and for this strategy to work for you, you must make sure the links are working fine and your social media page must be active and includes important information for your visitors.

Designed to match your business

Now that’s great! Nowadays you can even customize how your social media page your own way.
Facebook pages can be designed according to your business. It’s a good opportunity to match your social media page with your own web design it can be done on other platforms as well like Twitter. It’s possible to achieve consistency in promoting your business.
People are joining social media sites its gaining popularity day by day. Facebook is forcing companies to use it because massive number of users more than 1.40 billion is using it. Hence, more companies are driving their ads to social media and the main focus is on the designing of ads.

Reason for creating attracting ads is to gain more clicks and increase effectiveness.

Using Images
picturePictures speak thousand words! They are the best communication components. Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram were developed to make it easy to share images other websites are also following them by creating websites that contain more images.

Web Designers and SEO

seoWeb designing and SEO are synonymous in today’s web world. Web designers need to learn that with the right kind of SEO they can do wonders for their website.

• Smart and responsive designing is a key to successful business. Designing an SEO-friendly website is that it should be responsive as well as attractive. If your website goes well with other devices then it’s an absolute winner. The rate of smart phone usage is up nowadays so it’s useless to design a website that does not respond.

• A logical URL is important for SEO friendly website as search engines dislike ambiguous URLs like someone is looking for fashion designer in Los angles they would prefer to click–los-angeles as compared to that unclear URL

• Searching is all about fast speed. If your website doesn’t load fast it will lose customers as well as valuable traffic. Slow speed affects your rankings too.

So if you are running an online business u should have knowledge about SEO (search engine optimization) and social media both. Also u needs to know how to design your website as conversion-friendly.

Prioritize Keywords
Keywords are the heart of SEO campaign. Select a good batch of keywords and phrases in your website and use them properly throughout don’t stuff your content too much full of keywords because that will get you in trouble with the search engines. Sprinkle keywords into headers and titles to keep your website well organized and easy to scan.

Conclusion – Website Design with SEO versus Social Media

Analyze your website design carefully, compare with competitors. Then try to find your own business by typing keywords in search engine.

If your website is found easily and its making good money then social media is next to consider. Just don’t jump on all of them create channel one at a time and start building relationships.

In the end we want to conclude with a positive as there are situations where social media may b helpful but first look into your own backyard before jumping into band wagon, it’s time consuming but not always profitable. So, a website is incomplete without SEO and social media , all three go side by side then its perfect!