Why do Social Media websites love the colour blue?

Blue. It’s an ordinary color in many aspects. Not as dark as black and not as light as white. So the question arises why do Social Media Websites love the color blue? Let’s break it down.

The colors of a logo are a part of a process called branding and there is no doubt that branding is very important. Colors are a vital element of branding; they build an image of the product in the consumer’s mind. So why specifically the color blue? To understand this, an understanding of the psychology of colors is needed, i.e. how they affect our behavior.

Various colors affect the human mind differently. Each color has a unique impact on our feelings and overall mood. The color blue, incidentally has been termed the most popular color in the world according to nearly all the studies conducted in this topic.

Additionally, blue creates feelings of trustworthiness, strength and dependability. All these things are very important to all Social Media websites as they decide the amount of people signing up for them, the amount of traffic coming to their website and ultimately how much revenue they rake in.

Let’s see how some of the most popular social networking website have adopted the color blue as their visual identity.

The world’s largest social networking site, Facebook was launched more than 10 years ago as a place where people could connect and interact with their friends and family. Such a website needs the trust of the user. Since users share their personal photos, videos and conversations with their closed ones, the blue color in its logo serves this purpose quite fittingly.



Twitter has been adjudged the second most popular social network. Like Facebook, twitter also uses the blue color in its Logo. Twitter is basically a micro blogging website that allows it’s user to share instant updates. The blue color in its logo as well the entire theme gives a safe feeling to the users.



Since it was founded in 2002, LinkedIn has stamped it’s authority all over the work related web. It has established its reputation as the most popular social networking site for professionals. It is a place where professionals of all occupations can connect and interact with each other for mutual benefit. The blue color is an ideal means to communicate the qualities of dependability, professionalism and trust, basically all the things that are necessary for a healthy, business relationship.



Many people believe that the change in Instagram’s logo from black to blue was because of the takeover by Facebook, however, this isn’t the case. A senior employee at Instagram confirmed recently that the color change was prompted by a desire to communicate a sense of trust, credibility and worthiness. Something that he has succeeded in doing.



VKontakte, the Russian Facebook, also employs a similar color theme. It’s no wonder that it’s the most popular social networking website in Europe. The site layout thereby establishes a sign of friendliness, reliance and security.

Hence we can safely conclude that the color blue is indeed the most successful and popular color.