Your Logo Font – An Important Element

Previously, we have been discussing about the logo designing but here our focus is on an element that is the main part to highlight your identity the LOGO FONT. Many people do not focus on the tits and tats of the font and think that whatever they like can suit their logo but that’s not true. When using a logo maker you must be careful about these basic factors that may not seem much but can do disasters if not focused on. So, let us look at the four points to make our logo font appropriate to our logo design.

The main thing to focus on when creating a logo using free logo maker is to keep the font readable easily, clearly and of course quickly as your logo is a thing that people will glance and go through quickly and they don’t spend too much time reading it if they feel difficult understanding the font. You have to make sure that no two letters in your name confuse with each other like lowercase L doesn’t look like an I. This may make it difficult for the people to read and remember the name of your business.



Your logo font should be properly scaled and be readable at all different options, be it a billboard or a stamp size scaling. You should consider this fact while using a logo maker that the legibility of your logo doesn’t compromise due to the size changes.

Make it Look Good:

When you are deciding on your logo you have to definitely make sure that you use the correct font and the font style looks good on your business name. If your business name is a long one then you must choose a font that seems a lighter one and not bold and capital otherwise it would not make your logo effective.

Sometimes you focus on some words more than others so in this case you can make them stand out by changing their size, boldness, color or using a different font for that word would make it stand out.

locoste mustache

Support your Brand Identity:

Yes, the logo icon does the most of this work but it is very essential for the logo font to support your brand definition. If your logo icon shows some traits of the brand like strong, well built, bold etc it is better to use a Bold font with full capitals to make it compliment the logo on the other hand, if you wish to show delicacy and creativity you can use an artsy font with an italic touch that goes along with your logo.



These are some of the tips and tricks to make your logo worthwhile so try to keep them in mind and have a great logo on hand.