Valoración de los clientes para nuestro servicio de diseño de logotipo

Writing, Editing, Publishing Services and More

2016-02-24 18:30:34
4 Negocios y Consultoria

This process was quick, easy, and exactly what I was looking for. Although, I did have an issue once I downloaded my new logo with the last character of the tag line being truncated, and being unable to correct it without purchasing it all over again. However, that being said I contacted customer service about the issue, and they met my concerns by providing me with the corrected version of my logo free of charge within fifteen minutes of my contacting them. I am very happy with my new logo design and with the customer service that I received, as well as the reasonable price.

Read, Lead, Succeed

2016-02-24 16:49:41
5 Comunidad y organizaciones no lucrativas Religión y espiritualidad

The best part of designimo is their customer support. Every problem is solved in an instant. Designs and different options for editing are fabulous. Loved it and would recommend everyone.


2016-02-23 06:40:55
5 Decoración y Muebles

Excellent quality and very easy to create. Highly recommended

Chambres d'hotes

2016-02-18 14:26:47
5 Decoración y Muebles

so pleased with my new logo, easy to use system and download. Thank you designimo.

Fine Texas Properties

2016-02-09 22:39:52
5 Bienes y Raíces y Prestamos

Really nice people. First one didn't come out right, they allowed me to fix it and download the new one. Great customer service. I wish they had more fonts though.

Green Maid Cleaning Services

2016-01-30 21:24:15
5 Servicios de Limpieza

Easy,Fast and very affordable service! Awesome customer service agents that respond to you in a timely fashion.

BDM Expert

2016-01-10 09:26:16
5 Negocios y Consultoria

An efficient and user friendly tool to create a logo, with a reliable support team behind! Thank you ! Dan

Developer's Tools

2016-01-06 16:35:43
5 Tecnología y Ciencia

Best Online Logo designer ever seen Great Experience and a handful of thanks to The Designimo Team.


2015-12-18 20:19:29
5 Salud y Medicina Bienes y Raíces y Prestamos

Makes Design easy and the look is great. Thanks for making my life easier