Preguntas frecuentes

Creating logo with us does not need installation of anything extra like flash or fonts, also you can even use your mobile to create awesome logo from thousands of logo designs.

Is it really FREE?
Yes. Logo designing is FREE - However if you want to download high resolution files, then only, we will charge a nominal fee of $29.95 USD

How it works?
It's really a simple process which takes few minutes to design a logo. First enter your company name so that system can generate proper logos for you - Select any design of your choice from the variety of designs shown to you - Customize your design if needed - Change fonts, colors, spacing and size if required. If you are happy with the design, make a payment and downloaded all files needed.

Do I need any special software to be installed?
No. You don't need to install any special software - You just need latest browser supporting HTML5 features.

What type of files I'll get?
You'll get three different formats of files - PNG, JPG and EPS.

What is the quality of the files, I receive?
Both PNG and JPG files are at 300dpi ( high resolution) while EPS is a vector file.

I need logo file with a transparent background. How to get it?
We provide PNG file at 300dpi which is basically transparent. You can put it on any background.

How to open EPS file and Why do I need it?
You need special software like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and any other sofware which supports vecotr files to open EPS file. EPS files are basically vector files which can be used to increase or decrease the design size without compromizing the quality of the design.

Can I save logo for future purchase?
Yes. The logo you design is automatically saved, and you can always download your logo(s) from MyDesigns section.

What browsers are recommended?
Any browser that supports HTML5, nowadays every modern browser supports, we recommend latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (at least ver 10).

Can I get refund?
No - Once you've designed your logo and downloaded files to use it, we can't refund.

Can I trademark my logo?
Almost certainly. If your logo design has a unique combination of an icon, text, company name, spacing, and colors, then it is very likely you can trademark your logo for your industry. The icon used in that logo will always remain our ( property and it will remain in our database for future use.