Logo makers – the fastest way to create a logo!

Logos are pictures or symbols designed for immediate recognition of a company. Yet, logos represent a lot more than that. They are what make a brand stand out from others in a similar market. The symbol inspires trust, customer loyalty and implies superiority over other brands.
Today, it is difficult to imagine a successful company without a distinctive logo. A logo is like your company’s signature, something that serves as its identity.
Now that the importance of a good logo has been established, how do you create a logo? While it is highly recommended, it’s possible that you won’t have the time or the funds to hire professional logo designers to create a great logo for your company. Or sometimes, entrepreneurs and SMB’s find it difficult to explain to designers how they want their logo to look like.
If there is a picture of a new logo in your mind, something that you believe will be unique then it wouldn’t hurt to try making a logo by yourself. For this purpose, there is an online tool called ‘Logo Maker’ that can help you create the logo you have in mind.

1) LogoMaker


For someone who is looking to create a simple logo for a start-up, or an online website; Logo maker could be just the service you need. This is one of the simplest tools that can create a brand new logo in minutes by using the online wizard.
With logo maker, you can create and save 6 logos and download them for free. If you require them to be printed in high resolution, they can be purchased for $49
They have a huge collection of icons to build on that were designed by professional designers. It allows you to choose an icon, add text and change colors.

2) Sothink Logo Maker


Sothink Logo Maker looks just like Office and is a downloadable software with a free trial. It gives you the choice of building a free template or editing a sample logo, or you can just create your own from scratch. Whichever option you choose, you’ll end up creating your own logo using simple, easy to use software.
Sothink has some smart color tools, vector drawing tools and dozens of special effects that can be applied on your logo to make it completely distinctive. It also allows you to import content yourself (both flash and still images).

3) LogoGarden


Logo Garden is a free online logo maker that has hundreds of sample logos that you can choose and edit to suit your requirements. It’s fairly simple to use and completely free of cost. You can practice all you want and download the logo(s) that you like.

4) Logogenie


Logogenie has free easy to use logo design tools that allow you to create a company logo under 5 minutes. With logo genie, it only takes 3 steps: Entering your company name, choosing an icon and customizing it with tools and effects and that’s it. You now have a new logo for your company.

5) GraphicSprings Logo Creator


Their websites says, “Create a Logo in 1 minute or less”. This is one of the most powerful online logo makers. They are able to break down logo types according to your business, which means you get to choose from relevant samples. And if you aren’t satisfied with their logo created, you can simply request a member of their team to create a customized logo for you company.
Logo makers save both time and money and allow you to create the design you had in mind. Like they say: if you want something done right; Do it yourself (With online tools, of course!)